About Me


Photographer • Artist • Designer

When all words fail, a picture is worth a thousand words; but a picture is not just a photo, it’s a perspective. A view point from someone’s eyes, someone’s mind, someone’s heart. It’s emotional and physical where for one split second, everything changes. Words can hurt people, but a photo tells nothing but the truth. In my art, the truth comes from my heart.

Growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, I had the privilege of being surrounded by many wonderful things nature has to offer. Mountains, lions, oceans, springboks, proteas and the incredible creativity God had when he created every single thing on this earth. Intricately detailed, where every color, every line, every dot, every eye was perfectly placed with purpose. Art is the beauty that surrounds us everyday, everywhere. It’s you, it’s me, for we are God’s most greatest masterpiece.

When I moved to Atlanta, Georgia as a teenager, I had an incredibly hard time fitting in. All they could focus on was my differences. I, on the other hand, focused my attention on scribbling, drowning all my emotions into 40 page letters to my best friend back home. I spoke some broken English with a funny accent, and dressed like a surfer girl from another planet. Through all the mockery, funny stares, and laughs, I managed to channel my emotions into incredible art. The more art I created, the more I started recognize the gift I had. The gift of creativity, so I went from pencil and paper, to paint and canvas, to film and a camera, to camcorders.  Any outlet I had to embrace my imperfections, I did, and by high school I hosted and help run our very own morning News Channel called WMHS. I realized, that my imperfections by human standards, were my perfections by Gods. That the creator of all the art in the world, never makes mistakes. I realized that I was wasting so much energy and time focusing on what others thought of me, rather then believing what I knew God knows and thinks about me.

After gaining a Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Broadcast Design and Motion Graphics, I quickly realized that even though I loved the digital convenience, my most creative moments are those captured with my hands. I gained so much experience working on documentaries like “Keep Drifting Fun” and “Slide America”, commercials like “PBS Go Kids”, “Xerox”, “UPS” and even an award winning animated series called “Archer” and “Unsupervised”, but in the end it all boiled down to one thing. What does art mean to me! I realized I got so caught up with what everyone else expects of me, rather then focusing on my view points. So I grabbed my Dad’s old Pentax from 1985 (the year I was born) and started shooting away. As a current Local 479 Member, I enjoy working on television and movie sets. Many times as a Set Dresser, I have to embark on a journey with the character. Placing myself in their shoes, to fill up a room, a desk, a car with items and objects that evokes an emotional response, and reflect the feelings and or standing of that character. It is this same experience I try to convey through my art.

In my images, I capture not just the beautiful, but the unique. I focus on the imperfections, rather then the ordinary, and I look beyond the surface, searching for a hidden meaning. My perspective is derived from love, for God created the world truly out of love. In my art I speak the truth, for the truth has set me free. Free from condemnation, from shame, from lies. Free to be just beautiful me.

L. Truter